Cycling and Mental Health

Last week I attended a talk at Look Mum No Hands on the relationship between cycling and mental health. It was an interesting and insightful discussion with members of the panel sharing their personal experiences of… View Post

How to choose the right swimming goggles

One thing I really enjoy about swimming is the simplicity. You don’t need tons of kit and equipment to get started, just a few basic items- some swimwear, goggles and a swim cap. Goggles are essential… View Post

Racing: how often is too often?

I recently saw a debate on Twitter about racing too frequently. The original tweet was aimed at those who run marathons every month instead of focusing their efforts on 1-2 events per year. Understandably, the… View Post

#Getonyourfeet and win a Fitbit Charge 2

Modern working life can be very taxing on the mind as we sit at our computers all day desperately trying to hit the next deadline. However, it’s the effect that sitting down at the computer… View Post