Hypoxi for Weight Loss- Does it work?

I’m naturally sceptical of anything which promises rapid and targeted fat loss. In fact, I usually avoid covering anything weight loss related on my blog, as I prefer to focus on the other benefits that… View Post

Training for a long-distance swim

Today, I’ve got a guest post from my husband Glen who recently completed a 10km river swim event. Several people have asked me about his training and preparation for this swim, so I thought I’d… View Post

What is plogging?

Plogging is the latest fitness trend which combines jogging (or running) with cleaning up the environment. The term derives from the Swedish words plocka upp and jogga which literally translates to pickup jogging. The idea is simple- take… View Post

Active Travel in the French Alps

For me, the Alps have always been synonymous with winter sports. I used to visit Chamonix in my early teens on skiing trips with my family, so I associate the area with snowy slopes and powdery pistes. Turns… View Post