Training with Heart Rate Zones

Monitoring and understanding your heart rate can be an effective way of improving your triathlon performance. It ensures that you are training at the correct intensity for each workout and taking appropriate recovery. This method… View Post

6 Track Sessions to Improve Your Running Speed

Since last September, I’ve been attending a track running session with Dagenham 88 Runners. Thursday evenings at the track have quickly become my favourite session¬†of the week and I’m beginning to notice improvements in my… View Post

Race Re-Cap: London Winter Run

Last Sunday, I took part in the London Winter Run. It’s the third year this event has taken place- having missed it in 2015 and 2016 due to injury, I was keen to get involved… View Post

Your Pace or Mine? book review

Last year I challenged myself to read more. After getting through eight books over the course of the year, I’m trying to keep up the good habit and continue reading regularly.¬†Charlie launched her Runner Beans… View Post