4 ways to recharge your energy this winter

As we head into winter with it’s darker mornings and evenings, it’s common to feel drained and low in energy. The lack of daylight has an effect on our bodies production of melatonin which is the… View Post

An Active Weekend in Hamburg

Hamburg has recently been awarded the title ‘Global Active City’ along with Buenos Aires, Lillehammer, Ljubljana, Richmond and Liverpool. Each of these cities have a focus on offering their residents the opportunity to choose active and… View Post

Caring for Joint Hypermobility

What is joint hypermobility? Joint hypermobility is a condition where joints can move easily beyond the normal range of movement. It’s also referred to as being ‘double jointed’ or having ‘loose joints’. The hypermobility may… View Post

Wellness Travel with Pullman Hotels

The prospect of spending a night in an airport hotel isn’t exactly thrilling. They’re typically a bit grotty, noisy and used as a last resort in the event of a cancelled flight or overnight layover.… View Post