What is the Sufferfest? Plus giveaway

If you follow me on social media or Strava, you’ll have seen that I’ve regularly been doing Sufferfest cycling workouts. You might have wondered what is this masochistic sounding activity?! Let me explain… What is… View Post

Self-care tips for the cold weather

It seems like bad timing to write this blog post now when we’ve just had a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather. However, it isn’t quite summer yet and we still have to get through… View Post

Is looking good at the gym important?

It’s easy to feel self-conscious at the gym. The machines look intimidating, there are toned physiques everywhere and weights being thrown around. It’s enough to completely put you off ever stepping foot into a gym.… View Post

How to do a triathlon on a budget

It’s fair to say that triathlon is an expensive sport. The three different disciplines come with their own costs and when combined the expense really racks up. However, cost shouldn’t be a barrier to entry… View Post