Half-Iron Triathlon Training Weeks 13-17

With less than six weeks until race day, it’s reached the point where things feel very real! My half-ironman seems to be approaching very fast, but at the same time I’m aware that I’ve still got some tough weeks of training ahead of me. Sometimes the training has felt relentless, but other times I look at my schedule and feel as though I am not doing enough. 

I had a few ‘wobbles’ just after Easter, doubting my ability to complete the scheduled training session and getting frustrated with myself. Taking a few extra days rest allowed me to come back to my training feeling refreshed and refocused. I’ve been feeling more positive since then and have noticed some real improvements across all three disciplines. 

I was moved up to a faster lane at my tri club swim session, after completing a timed 800m in around 16:45. One of my mini-goals for the year was to move up a lane, so I’m pleased that the training is paying off and my swim speed is improving. Although I must admit after a few weeks in the faster lane, I’m struggling to hold on and I’m considering moving back down already!

I’ve also cycled a couple of sportives this month as part of training. The Spring Lambs was my furthest distance- 100km (62 miles), so it was a confidence boost to be able to comfortably ride further than I will need to on race day (56 miles). I also rode the Cambridge Sportive last weekend- intending to do the 50 mile course, I was misdirected and ended up completing the shorter 35 mile route! It was not a particularly well organised event and I was quite frustrated to have been sent the wrong way, but still it’s all mileage on the bike.

I had a couple of days off work around my birthday, so that allowed me to fit in a longer ride mid-week. It was a real treat to be cycling in the sunshine rather than sat in front of a computer at my desk! Glen and I completed a hilly 45 mile ride with a quick rest stop for a drink. 

I also repeated the 15km time trial, which I did in week 11. This time I was over 5 minutes quicker- shows what a difference it makes to have some air in my tire!

The focus of my running for the past month has been on improving my glute strength, increasing my cadence and driving my knees higher. I wrote about it in more detail hereI’m still only running short distances, but I hope to start building up now that race day is getting closer. The Southampton 10k was another confidence boost as it was the furthest I’ve run since last summer and I had no pain in my shins at last! 

I’m re-capping five weeks, rather than four, as I’m a little behind in updating my blog…. You can catch up on weeks 1-4, weeks 5-8 and weeks 9-12 here. 

Week 13
Monday: Glute strength, run drills and 20 minute run (2 miles)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 45 minute spin class
Friday: Glute strength, run drills then 62 minute turbo trainer session (17.8 miles) plus 20 minute run (2.1 miles)
Saturday: 73 minute descending pyramid swim (3km)
Sunday: 4 hours 5 minutes cycling sportive (62 miles)

Week 14
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Glute strength, run drills and 30 minute run (3.1 miles)
Wednesday: 50 minute swim intervals (2.3km) then 20 minute run (2 miles)
Thursday: Glute strength and run drills
Friday: 42 minute swim drills (1.8km)
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim, 30 minute core session then 27 minute run (2.6 miles)
Sunday: 2 hours 50 minutes cycling (40.8 miles) then 15 minute run (1.5 miles)

Week 15
Monday: Glute strength, run drills then 60 minute swim (2.6km)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 hours 10 minutes cycling (45 miles)
Thursday: 2x 20 minute run (4 miles)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim, then glute strength and run drills
Sunday: 3 hours cycling (48 miles) then 25 minute run (2.4 miles)

Week 16
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Glute strength, run drills then 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 22 minute swim (1km)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 20 minute run (2 miles)
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim
Sunday: Glute strength, run drills then Southampton 10km run

Week 17
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 22 minute swim (1km) then 60 minute turbo session (16 miles)
Wednesday: 15km time trial on the turbo (26:46) then 20 minute run (1.8 miles)
Thursday: 31 minute swim (1.5km)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 60 minute tri club swim, then glute strength and run drills
Sunday: 2 hours 13 cycling (35 miles) then 30 minute run (3 miles)

How is your training going? 

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