5 podcasts I’m listening to right now


I’m so late to the game when it comes to podcasts. My commute to work used to be spent listening to the radio, up until last year when I downloaded the highly recommended Serial. Since then I’ve enjoyed discovering new podcasts to keep me entertained on the drive to work. Listening to an inspiring, informative podcast really sets me up for the day and is so much more interesting than the radio! 

Here are five of the podcasts I’ve been listening to:

Tough Girl Podcast
Presented by Sarah Williams, who is currently training for Marathon des Sables, this podcast features interviews with inspirational sportswomen from around the world. The series has included an eclectic mix of adventurers, explorers, triathletes, mountain climbers, cyclists, racing car drivers and ultra-runners. You can’t help feeling motivated after listening to the achievements of these women.

Cup of Tri Podcast
Coach Rob Wilby and Helen Murray discuss all things triathlon in this UK-based weekly podcast. There’s great banter between the two presenters as they give race results, news and interviews with triathletes. The latest episode includes a particularly in-depth interview with Chrissie Wellington on winning Kona, being coached by Brett Sutton and returning to exercise after giving birth. Download and enjoy a Cup of Tri! 

ICI/Pro Podcast
Aimed at indoor cycling instructors, this podcast is a great source of inspiration for my job at Cycle Rhythm. There are over 350 episodes available filled with industry news, interviews with instructors, ideas on studio marketing and teaching tips. 

The No BS Guide to Life

Started by blogger and spin instructor Bangs, this podcast is a straight-talking, no-nonsense guide to every day issues including finances, friendships and embracing change. The podcast has gone from strength to strength (and doubled in length), since co-presenter Lemara joined the conversation.

Serial Podcast
The first podcast I discovered is now well into it’s second season with the ongoing case of US soldier Bowe Bergdahl’s capture by the Taliban. This is one of the most popular podcasts of all time, so if you still haven’t downloaded it, I’d recommend going back and listening to season one which re-examines the murder of teenage Hae Min Lee.  

Which podcasts are you listening to? Got any recommendations?

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