Kit Review: Zoggs Swimwear

Now that I’m spending more time in the pool, I want to be wearing kit which is comfortable, practical and stylish. There is nothing worse than adjusting your swimsuit or emptying the water out of your goggles at the end of each lap! I like to have a few different swimsuits on rotation, so I’ve always got my kit bag ready for an early morning swim. Zoggs sent me a swimsuit, goggles and cap to brighten up my pool training…

Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit– £30
Up until recently, I was wearing supermarket branded swimsuits which are just not designed for regular use. The colours would fade and the fabric would lose it’s shape after a few months so I’d be replacing them too often.

The circular neon print on the Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit caught my eye, as I feel life is too short for boring plain black kit! I love the cut of this suit, the back is open which doesn’t restrict any movement and the leg height is very flattering. The Aqualast fabric is said to be chlorine-proof, durable and resistant to snagging, so I expect I’ll be swimming in this suit for some time. I’ve finally cracked tumble-turns whilst wearing this suit, so it’s somehow magically improved my swimming skills! 


This suit was also recently awarded ‘Best Buy’ from Triathlon 220 magazine- it seems they love it as much as I do! 

Predator Flex Womens Swimming Goggles– £23
A while ago I asked around my triathlon club for recommendations on swimming goggles, and the name which kept cropping up was ‘Zoggs Predator’. It seemed that these were really highly rated as the best goggles on the market, so they were soon added them to my swimming kit wishlist. 

I have to say they live up to their reputation. I have the female-specific pair which are designed for smaller faces, I’ve found them comfortable and the lenses do not fog or leak. They do however leave indentations around my eyes after my swim, but to be honest I’m yet to find a pair of goggles which doesn’t do this. I love the lime green and blue highlights which match my swimsuit- who says you cannot be stylish as a swimmer! 


There is also a version with polarized lenses which I’ll be investing in once the open-water season restarts. 

Easy Fit Swim Cap– £6
Swimming caps are not the most glamorous of kit, but for hygiene reasons we have to wear them at club sessions. I have a lot of thick and long hair, which I find a nightmare to fit into a regular swimming cap. They give me an instant headache and keep sliding off my head throughout my swim. 

This Easy Fit Swim Cap is an absolute godsend, it’s incredibly stretchy, so much so that I think I could fit two heads into it! It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t rip my hair out when I take it off. It stays in place so there is no need to yank it down at the end of each lap. I’m definitely converted to this cap, as it also comes in blue, lilac and mint I will buy a few colours to match of all my kit. 

The Zoggs kit was sent for review, but all opinions (and goggle marks) are my own.

Have you tried any Zoggs kit?

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