Early morning workout tips

Morning Workout Tips

I’ve always preferred to get my workouts in the evening after I’ve finished work for the day. However, now that I’m focusing on my swimming, I have to plan my training around the pool opening times. Since Loughton Leisure Centre only offer an early morning ‘Swim for Fitness’ session, I’ve become a bit of an early bird! I’ve also been getting to more early morning spin classes at Cycle Rhythm

I fit in a early spin and swim 2-3 times a week and I’ve found that dawn sessions work well for me. The workouts energize me for the day ahead and I have more free time in the evenings. It’s a great feeling to have my training done and dusted for the day by 8am! I plan to start running in the morning, as soon as I’m recovered from my injury.

Preparation is key for a successful morning workout. I pack my kit bag the night before making sure I have everything I need. I know if I left it until the morning, I’d end up rushing and forgetting something essential like my swimming costume! Organise your kit so you can simply get up, get dressed and go. 

I also find it important to plan my workout. I take a swimming set with me to the pool plus any equipment I will need (pull-buoy, kick-board, fins). If you are planning an early workout, I’d recommend double-checking the gym opening times and class schedule. There is nothing worse than arriving early to find the gym is still closed. 

Another thing I prepare in advance is a healthy breakfast and lunch. I’m ravenous after a morning workout, so it helps to have overnight oats with fruit ready for my post-workout breakfast. Remember to grab your lunchbox from the fridge before setting off! 

Early to bed, early to rise! I’m someone who needs my full 8 hours of sleep each night, so if I’m planning to train in the morning I need to ensure I’m well rested, otherwise it’s all too tempting to skip it. I aim to be in bed between 10 and 10.30pm, for a 6am start.

Booking a class means you are committed to the workout, particularly if the gym or studio issue fines for a no-show. If you have to pay, you are more likely to attend the class, so book in advance and schedule the training into your diary. 

Think positive! It can be tough to get out of bed on a cold, dark morning so focus on how good you will feel once your workout is done. You’ll be buzzing on endorphins by the time you reach the office! 

Early morning sessions also work out well as the facilities tend to be a little quieter. At Loughton Leisure Centre, the pool is not too crowded and is roped off into slow, medium and fast lanes for different abilities. The large changing area provides plenty of space to get ready after my swim and there are no queues for the showers either! At the leisure centre, there is also plenty of car-parking is which free before 9am- another great reason to train early! 

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts? Do you have any more tips?

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