Exerceo Training

When I first heard of Electro Muscle Stimulation, I immediately thought of the ‘Slendertone’ machines which were popular in the 90s… are they still around? …

Exerceo Training

When I first heard of Electro Muscle Stimulation, I immediately thought of the ‘Slendertone’ machines which were popular in the 90s… are they still around? 

Fun Fact: The boys at my school used to put the Slendertone machine pads onto their balls during class to ‘shock’ themselves and prove who was toughest…

With that thought in mind, I was a little unsure of what to expect when I was invited to try a class at Exerceo Training. The studio specialises in Electro Muscle Stimulation, a workout which uses electric equipment to stimulate muscles. The impulses are delivered via electrodes and are said to reach deep muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional exercise.

The small studio is tucked away behind an inconspicuous door in Spitalfields, I arrived ready for my session and was greeted by the trainer Andre. For an Exerceo session, there is no need to bring any workout clothing, shoes or a towel- the studio provide everything needed. I was handed a pair of cotton leggings, a long-sleeved top and socks to change into.

Next I was strapped into a waistcoat and shorts which are lined in electrodes. The suit had been moistened with water to help conduct the current, so it felt a little uncomfortable to put on. Andre hooked me up to the glowing machine and started sending the current through to the suit to set the intensity level. The vibrating sensation began and was more intense than I had expected- it feels quite similar to being tattooed, although not as painful!

We went through a 25 minute workout including squats, lunges, overhead presses, kettlebell swings, planks, mountain climbers and boxing. The whole workout would have been quite challenging alone, but was made much more intense from the electric current. I could feel the impulses in my thighs, abs, lower back, bum and upper arms- my whole body was getting a great workout. No shocks at the crotch though fortunately!

Exerceo Training


Exerceo Training

The wires were slightly annoying, I almost tripped over and managed to unplug the upper arm electrode a few times! 

The session ended with a two-minute lay down while the suit massaged my muscles. I left the studio literally ‘buzzing’- it was great fun! Andre warned that I would suffer with serious DOMS the following day, but I must admit I didn’t feel noticeably sore. 

Exerceo is perfect for those pushed for time but looking for an intense workout, at only 25 minutes and with no kit to carry, it’s easy to fit into a lunch break. They recommend training twice a week to see noticeable improvements in terms of fat loss, reduced cellulite, increased strength and better posture. It is also ideal for those recovering from injury, as it places no strain on your joints or tendons. 

Trial sessions are free, and you can trainer one-on-one or with a partner. 

Have you ever tried Electro Muscle Stimulation? Do you remember the Slendertone machines? 


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