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I don’t tend to do many ‘lifestyle’ posts on my blog, as I like to keep it fitness focused. However I thought I would mix things up a little with a tour of my home. Glen and I have lived here for one year today and had such a lot of work done, I wanted to share the photos of our progress.

Our home is a 1930s end-terrace which was formerly the marital quarters for pilots during the second World War. We are on an estate which is beside an old airfield- it has now been converted into a country park. If you’ve ever run the Spitfire Scramble, you will know the area (see I knew I’d get a running reference into this post)! 

Living Room/Lounge
Removing the fireplace was the first major job when we moved in last year- it had to go! We had the wall re-plastered and now have an armchair in it’s place. We got rid of the wallpaper and had the walls repainted in a soft grey. Some shelves have been added into the alcove. I love how the grey and yellow colour scheme looks.


We kept the kitchen units which had been left by the previous owners as they are in good condition. However we replaced the worktops and tiles with a cream colour, to freshen everything up. We also have a new oven, sink and the door-handles have been changed. I would like to replace the floor tiles, but we decided against it eventually. 


I love how much bigger the room looks now that the terracotta has been replaced with clean white walls. It took our decorator 4 coats of pain to cover it! We went for a white venetian blind, neon pink butterfly bedding and cut-work lampshade. The fitted wardrobes were again left by the previous owner, so there was not a great deal of work to be done in our bedroom.

Not much work was needed in the bathroom as it had recently been re-fitted. We simply removed the sink rail, replaced the toilet seat and put up some large mirrors (hello mirror selfie)! 

The garden was probably our biggest expense. The fir trees were really overgrown and Glen spent days cutting them back, before we had them removed completely. The garden is now full of so much more light! We were keen to replace the concrete and slate with a lovely green lawn and a sandstone patio. We have a few plant pots which we will add to again next summer. The shed remains the same, but we’ve given it another coat of paint. It’s only small but I love our garden, it’s been perfect for sunny BBQs this summer. 

The building you can see over our back fence is a community centre. They host pilates and yoga classes which I occasionally go to- can’t get more local than that!

We wanted to make use of the front for parking our car, so we removed the tree, had the area repaved and fences replaced. The canopies above both doors have been rebuilt as they were completely rotten. We’ve replaced the boarded up area with brickwork- this would have been vents to the larder when this house was originally built. The chimney was about to collapse, so we had it re-pointed and several roof slates were replaced. I think it looks so much smarter, despite being an older house.

We also have a second bedroom which is used as an office and for storage. It’s awaiting painting so I’ll add those photos at a later date. 

Glen and I are not really DIYers so most of the work was done by the professionals! Huge thanks to:

  • Mark at I.R Millen & Son for the painting and decorating
  • Lee at Crystal Driveways for the lawn and patio
  • Lee for the plastering
  • John and Roger for the fireplace removal, kitchen tiles,worktops and door canopies
  • Bill at Advanced Property Maintenance for the chimney and roof tiles 
Hope you enjoyed a more lifestyle based post, my normal scheduled fitness blogs will be back as of next week!
How long have you been in your home? What’s your favourite room?


  1. Kimmy
    July 6, 2016 / 9:17 pm

    Hello. I love the way your living room looks. What paint shade did you use?

    • July 6, 2016 / 9:58 pm

      Thank you, I think it’s called Polished Pebble by Dulux

  2. June 8, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    Your home is stunning! You must be coming up for 2 years there now?

    We are in the middle of buying our house, hoping to have completed and be in by end of summer. We are planning to do a yellow and grey lounge almost identical to yours! Our kitchen is very similar too! Might have to steal those cream worktops though as ours are currently grey….

    Can’t believe that terracotta in the bedroom though!! Why would anyone do that?! That being said…our bathroom is NAVY BLUE! I think it might take us even more than 4 coats to get that white again!!!

    • June 8, 2016 / 9:00 pm

      Yes it will be 2 years in September- time has flown by! I know right? The terracotta is awful! Good luck with your place, hope you manage to cover up the navy blue!

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