How I’m coping with injury

Coping with Injury

It’s been just over 5 weeks since I picked up an injury to my hip whilst running. I won’t lie, it’s been a slow and painful recovery, but I’m beginning to notice improvements. I’m now able to walk without any pain, but I’m still hesitant to attempt to cycle or run. 

My physio diagnosed it as an ‘Anterior Hip Impingement’ which means my hip socket is ‘pinching’ a piece of tissue every time I move my leg. Sounds horrible, right?!

Injuries bring with them a range of emotions, I’ve felt frustrated, depressed, anxious and suffered with FOMO. However, I’ve also been trying to stay positive and use the following strategies to cope with injury…

Focus on what you can do
The one activity that does not seem to aggravate my hip is swimming, so I’ve switched my focus onto this until I’m able to run and cycle again. I’ve completed two open-water swimming events this month- the Poole Swim and the Diamond Tri Swim. This weekend, I’ll swim in a relay triathlon at Hever Castle, before hanging up my wetsuit for the season. Swimming keeps me active and gives me the endorphin rush I get from training, without putting stress on the injured area. I’ve also been back to a few yoga and pilates classes for a low-impact workout. 

Plan ahead

I’ve got exciting plans for next season, including an event which will be my biggest challenge yet (more on this later). I’m hopeful that I won’t be injured forever (seriously)! I’m keeping a positive mindset and planning my race calendar for next year with the intention to come back stronger than ever. 

Do your physio exercises!

We all know that rehab exercises are boring and we would rather be out running, but it is essential to put in the work to recover fully. I’ve stuck to my programme of strengthening exercises which my physio gave me and I’m definitely feeling the benefits. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the exercises, so there is no excuse to avoid them. 

Get productive in your downtime

Since I got injured and reduced my training volume, I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands. I’m embracing down-time and using the extra hours constructively. I’ve been catching up on some freelance design projects and I’m starting a social media course next week. I’m also blogging more frequently! It feels good to blitz my to-do list while I’m having a little time-out from training.


I’ve focused on maintaining a balanced diet with the nutrients I need to heal my injury, particularly Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Zinc and Protein. I’ve even lost a little weight since I became injured, perhaps because I’m not as hungry without regular training! 

I asked some of the UK Fitness Bloggers for their tips on coping with injury:

What are your tips for coping with injury? 

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