What kind of Olympian are you?

The Olympic Games seem to be coming around so quickly- just one year to go until the action starts in Rio! Fitness First have partnered with Team GB to celebrate the countdown to the games. Together, they’ve have launched a Sport Profiler tool to match people to the Olympic sport they are most suited to, based on their speed, stamina, strength, power and agility.

Take the quiz here to find out which type of Olympian you are- my result was handball player. Not something I’ve thought about before, but worth considering if my career as a professional triathlete doesn’t take off!

The tool is designed to encourage people to try out sports they’ve never participated in before. Research shows that most people in the UK train for just four sports- cycling, football, swimming and running- that would be me then!  There are actually 28 sports that feature in the Olympic Games, so plenty of scope for exploring a new activity.


If you inspired by the Olympics and fancy trying a new sport, Fitness First have a range of training plans available on their website. You can also download a complimentary gym pass to try the facilities at your local branch. The gym chain will also be holding a series of Team GB inspired workshops focusing on strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology and physiotherapy.

I must admit Fitness First have upped their game recently, they’ve been re-branded with more of a focus on the customer’s experience and results. Their transformation is based around the concept of motivation and what drives customers to workout. I train at the Romford branch regularly myself and I have noticed improvements to the gym environment including touchscreen technology, vibrant colours and more open space. The gym floor exercise classes are focused on functionality, in a non-intimidating small group environment. You can read my post about the strength and conditioning work I do with my Personal Trainer at Fitness First- perhaps I will make it as a Team GB Triathlete after all! 

I was given free passes to Fitness First in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own.

Let me know your result from the Sport Profiler Tool- is it sport you’ve tried before?

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