Will of Iron- complete!

I blogged back in February about a charity triathlon event organised by the Willow Foundation. I had challenged myself to complete a half-Ironman triathlon over the course of a week to raise funds for this fantastic charity. Will of Iron week took place between 2nd and 8th May, and I’m pleased to say that I completed my challenge!

Will of Iron Willow Foundation

I’d aimed to finish a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle and 13.1 mile run, but I actually ended up doing a bit further than these distances. Here is how my Will of Iron week looked:

Saturday 2nd May
0.8 mile swim
4 mile run

Sunday 3rd May
34 mile cycle (approx)

Monday 4th May
6.2 mile run

Tuesday 5th May
1.2 mile swim

Wednesday 6th May
23.5 mile cycle

Thursday 7th May

Friday 8th May
Personal Training session
2.9 mile run

I say that Sunday’s cycle was approximately 34 miles, as I forgot to unpause my Garmin so I lost a section and it only logged 30 miles! Slightly frustrating! 

Total swim: 2 miles
Total cycle: 57.5 miles
Total run: 13.1 miles

Will of Iron Willow Foundation

Setting myself the challenge was a great way to stay motivated with my triathlon training. The swim and the run were relatively easy to fit into my week, but the two bike rides took a bit of planning. There was a only a small turnout of people at our Wednesday evening club ride, due to gale-force winds and rain, but I was determined to complete the mileage within the week. I actually picked up 5 ‘Queen of the Mountains’ on Strava for this ride, so I was pleased to have made it out on the bike!

Strava QOMs

My run on Bank Holiday Monday was quite tough- I felt tired, dehydrated and hot. I ran a hilly route which zapped my energy. Glen came back and joined me for the last mile of my run and really encouraged me to pick up the pace for the final section. I also ran in shorts for the first time EVER, which was surprisingly comfortable! 

Will of Iron Willow Foundation

I try to be selective with the charity events I get involved with. It can be difficult to keep asking family, friends and colleagues for donations when I take part in a lot of events every year! Sometimes people can be reluctant to fund my running/swimming/cycling hobby, which I can understand! This event really appealed to me, as it’s format is very different from a typical charity race. I’ve raised £100 through my Just Giving page so far, and have been promised a few more donations which I really appreciate. 

The Willow Foundation have been incredibly grateful and very supportive throughout Will of Iron week, with daily emails and messages on Twitter and Facebook. They even sent me a card signed by members of the team. It’s been lovely to follow the progress of other people completing their Will of Iron challenge, especially those who have completed the full Ironman distance. 

Perhaps next year I will challenge myself to the full Ironman! 

Will of Iron Willow Foundation

Fancy getting involved in Will of Iron next year? Which charities do you like to support?

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