Triathlon Masterclass with Human Race and Psycle

A few weeks ago, I was invited along to a triathlon masterclass hosted by Human Race at Psycle.

Human Race, who are celebrating 25 years of organising triathlons, have a packed race calendar with something suitable for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Many of their events take place at Eton Dorney, a perfect venue for beginners to race on safe, flat closed roads. For anyone new to the sport who doesn’t want the expense of costly kit, there will be wetsuit and bike hire available. My husband Glen was lucky enough to win places in 5 Human Race events- so we will be spending a lot of time at Dorney Lake this summer!


Eton Dorney

The masterclass was aimed at giving an overview of how to take on your first triathlon and demonstrate how to train for a triathlon in the gym. I’ve done a few triathlons myself now, but I’m always keen to pick up more race-day tips!

Marsha el-Hage from RG Active shared her top tips on dealing with transition, also known as ‘the fourth discipline’….

  • Use something to help you identify where you have set up your transition area, as it can be difficult to locate when you come back in from the swim. A brightly coloured towel or a nearby tree can be used as a marker for your area.
  • Visualise how you will go through transition and make yourself aware of the entrance/exit for the run and bike sections. Rack your bike facing towards the ‘bike out’ to make for a smoother transition.
  • Set out your kit in order of what you will need first. In transition one, you will generally put on your sunglasses, helmet, cycling shoes and race belt (number at the back) before un-racking your bike.
  • Start removing your wetsuit as soon as you leave the water- it’s easier to take off when it is wet!
  • Leave a drink in transition to sip between each section. You will probably not need to take a gel for a sprint distance, but can use gels for longer races.

Triathlon MasterclassRhian Stephenson, Pyscle’s resident nutritionist shared her tips on fueling for your triathlon…

  • Nutrition for recovery is most important when training, ensure you take on enough protein after a session to aid recovery.
  • On race day, eat a good breakfast around 2 hours before the race starts- porridge is recommended as a good source of fuel.
  • If you are intending to use gels on race day, make sure you use them in training to test your stomach’s tolerance to the product.

We also took part in a class at Psycle to demonstrate how spin classes can be incorporated into a triathlon training plan. Whilst I would agree that it is possible to train for a triathlon in a gym environment, I would also emphasis that cycling outdoors and getting in a few open-water swims before race day are very important. Riding a road bike is quite different from a spin class, so it’s essential to be familiar with the gearing and basic mechanics of your bike.

Human Race produced a video to answer some of the common questions from beginner triathletes, you can spot me in the Psycle class!

What are your top triathlon tips? Have you ever tried a Human Race event?

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