Let’s Talk Wattbike video

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get involved in some filming for a promotional video for Wattbike.

I’m always interested in keeping up to speed with the latest technology in indoor cycling- researching and testing the bikes available on the market is a key part of my job. When I spotted a Wattbike Twitter post requesting participants for a promotional film, I thought it would be the perfect chance to try this piece of training equipment.


So what is the Wattbike?
Developed with and endorsed by British Cycling, the Wattbike uses ground-breaking technology to give riders the most accurate, in-depth training feedback available today. 
Wattbike uses a combination of both air and magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, realistic ride feel. The performance computer displays power, heart rate and cadence as well as a polar view which shows how you are applying force as you pedal. The bike is also fully adjustable to create the perfect riding position. It is possible to download data from your training session to a USB stick to monitor, analyze and track performance. 

The filming took place at Virgin Active’s flagship branch in Aldersgate, London. They offer 8 bikes which participants can use as part of a group training session or individually.


The short video was put together to demonstrate the variety of different Wattbike users and the benefits they gain from training on this piece of equipment. The bike is for everyday use by everyone from kids through to top endurance athletes. The bike can be used to get fit, to improve performance, to test fitness or as part of a group cycling class.

The session involved a short workout on the bike, pedalling at various cadences and positions. I was interviewed on camera before and after the session to speak about my experiences of Wattbike cycling. My interview was not actually included in the film- I’m slightly relieved as I was quite sweaty and out of breath! I do appear in the video at 1:43 and briefly at 0.03 setting up the bike!

I personally found the polar view very useful in improving my pedalling efficiency- the graph displays a percentage on the left and the right, telling you how much power each leg is generating. Standing up and altering your cycling technique produces a change in the graph. I’m working on improving my pedalling technique as part of my triathlon training, so it was helpful to see a visual representation of where I am losing power and how I can smooth out my pedal stroke to produce maximum power.

Have you ever tried a Wattbike?

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