Kit Review: Merino Monsters Snood

Dressing appropriately to train in cold weather is not exactly my strong point. I’ve often finished a training session with blue lips or numb fingers due to wearing clothing which is not suitable for the freezing temperatures. I hate the feeling of being restricted and uncomfortable in heavy layers, so I tend to under-dress when I’m training. 

One piece of kit which I’ve worn time and time again this winter is a merino wool snood. This tubular piece of fabric can be worn in a number of ways- as a hat, a bandana, a neck warmer or a head band. I bought the snood via my triathlon club friend Nikki who had discovered a great little company called Merino Monsters.

I love the ethos behind Merino Monsters- as a business they place great emphasis on the welfare of the merino sheep which provide their wool, and the workers who produce their clothing. They ensure that all environmental, animal health and workplace practices are of the highest standard from farm to finished garment. 

Karen Tootill set up the business to sell merino clothing for active kids, but had enquiries from adults about the products. They began selling the snoods to adults and plan to expand on the products and colour range.

New Zealand Merino fabric is super soft, warm and comfortable. It wicks away moisture from the skin, so you do not get hot and sweaty. Merino is also perfect for sensitive skin- as it’s not itchy like synthetic fabrics. I’ve been interested in the benefits of Merino activewear for a while, but the expensive price tag has put me off purchasing anything. However, these snoods are only £12- they are a perfect way to add a little Merino warmth to my running wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

My snood has been fantastic on long runs and cycling sessions this winter. It stays in place when folded into a headband, and fits under a cycling helmet to keep my ears from freezing off on long rides. 

Merino Monsters
Merino Monsters

Snoods are available for £12 in black, deep pink and lime green via the Merino Monsters site

I was not asked to write a review of Merino Monsters, I’m just a big fan of the product and wanted to share the love with fellow runners/cyclists.

Have you got any Merino activewear or accessories?

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