I’m sure you’ve all seen the #thisgirlcan campaign which launched on Monday and has since had an incredible impact online and across the media. 

Personally I absolutely love the 90 second video featuring women participating in their favorite activities without any concern for what they look like. It’s refreshing, inspiring and inclusive- this is the way we should promote sport, activity and fitness. 

Fear of judgement is stopping many women from taking part in physical activity. According to research 75% of women would like to do more exercise but fear being judged for their size, fitness and skill level. This Girl Can aims to break down these barriers and boost the number of active women through their campaign. 

Fitness should be about fun, endorphins, camaraderie and a celebration of what our bodies can achieve. This comes across loud and clear as these women spin, swim, fight and dance with sweaty, smiling faces. The seven women are aged between 14 and 51, from different backgrounds, lifestyles and areas of the country. They all look fantastic doing what they do- I even feel inspired to take up football after watching the ball skills in the video!

A major part of my job at Bikram Yoga Essex and Cycle Rhythm is promoting and marketing the studios. I’m keen to accurately portray our classes by using our own photography featuring both male and female clients of all ages, sizes and shapes. I never use stock images or airbrushed models. Our adverts (hopefully) reflect the range of people who enjoy our classes and show the sweaty reality of a Bikram or indoor cycling class.
Here are a few of my magazine adverts: 




I shared my own story of how I discovered my passion for fitness through exploring a wide variety of different activities. These days I’m happy to try anything active and I couldn’t care less about my jiggly bits and sweaty face, but I can relate to the fears when you are just starting out. It can be incredibly intimidating to take the first step. 

I’m interested to see how the #thisgirlcan campaign develops- it has the potential to have a huge impact on the participation of women in sport. If you are feeling inspired by the campaign, there are resources to find local sports teams and clubs on their site www.thisgirlcan.co.uk

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