4 Resources for a Happier Relationship with Food and Body Image

I mentioned on a recent blog post that I’ve done a lot of work on moving away from dieting and addressing the real issues that underlie my relationship with my body and food. 

I’ve come across some invaluable resources over the past few years, which I wanted to share as they have helped me immensely to break free from obsession with my weight and get a healthier perspective on food.

Stop Fighting Food with Isabel Foxen Duke
Isabel Foxen Duke is a super rad health coach, teaching women to STOP obsessing about food and weight (and stop overeating in the process). Her goal is to empower women around the issue of weight management and body image, so they can start living their lives like the badasses they really are.

I love her no nonsense blog posts which talk about the huge amount of pressure that women put themselves under to control their weight. The pressure, the stress and the energy involved with dieting inevitably “sends us lunging to the freezer to eat a half-frozen birthday cake when we finally give-in”.

If you relate to feeling out of control around food, check out Isabel’s guide to “How to not eat cake… really fast standing up when nobody’s watching”. Download it for free here. She is also launching a video series over on Stop Fighting Food– sign up to find out more information on when it will be released.

Isabel has also written some fantastic articles over on Mind Body Green, I encourage you to check out:
3 reasons food is not “just fuel” (and you are not a car)
I’d rather be sane than thin
Why I gave up trying to eat perfectly

Beyond Chocolate
Serial dieters for years, Sophie and Audrey Boss finally overcame their weight problems when they discovered the key to success: break free from the diet mentality and learn how to listen to your body so that you can make food choices that really work for you.

They’ve written two amazing books which I highly recommend if you are someone who struggles with yo-yo dieting: Beyond Chocolate and Beyond Temptation.

Beyond Chocolate offers a whole range of resources including MP3s, a chat forum, one-to-one coaching, workshops and retreats. I attended a workshop last year and found it eye-opening and challenging (in a good way). I’ve also had a couple of face-to-face psychotherapy sessions with Sophie, which have helped massively to address some of my self-esteem issues.

Check out these posts from the Beyond Chocolate blog…
Stuffing down anger with food
The perfect weight/perfect life myth
The deprivation/binge cycle

Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin
Dr Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a pyschoanalyst who helps people identify the underlying conflicts and issues which lead to overeating, so that they can have a healthier, happier relationship with food and themselves. 

She is the author of the blog Make Peace with Food, the host of the Win the Diet War podcast and also has launched a video series The Dr Nina Show on Youtube.

I really enjoy her short podcasts, full of ideas which really hit home for me. Perfect to listen to when I’m struggling and need a quick dose of her wisdom and compassion.

Fed up of dieting? Download these episodes from the iTunes store:
How to calm down
Why you don’t need willpower to stop bingeing
Body language


Geneen Roth
Geneen Roth has helped hundred of thousands of people win their battle against the destructive binge-diet cycle. She has authored nine books which help to show women how to stop using food as a substitute for handling difficult emotions and situations, and how to enjoy eating and still lose weight naturally.

As well as her books, she offers online courses, retreats and downloadable MP3s.

She sees problems with overeating as gateways to spiritual enlightenment and a doorway to our inner lives. I must admit I find her work a little heavy-going at times, I find I need to re-read or re-listen a few times before I understand her concepts. Definitely worth persevering with however. 

I recommend her MP3s:
What to do in the middle of a binge
Drop the struggle
Radical kindness: an eating meditation

Inside Out Weight Loss with Renée Stephens
Renée Stephens, a former food addict is on a mission to stop the slimming struggle. She believes that weight loss is not about dropping a few pounds for swimsuit season, it’s about stopping the self criticism and falling in love with our lives and our bodies. She struggled for years with diets, binge eating, and way too many ups and downs, before realizing it isn’t about will power, discipline and deprivation. It is about how you feel about yourself.

Her work is something I’ve discovered quite recently and I’m still exploring the huge amount of podcasts available to download for free on Inside Out Weight Loss. She has also recently published Full-Filled which is a a 6 week plan for changing your relationship with food and your life. 

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