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Sprinting up the hill for the final time, I looked around at the trails spreading out before me. The forest around me was bathed in darkness, with only the beam from my running torch to light the way on this adventure.

With Autumn here, the hours of darkness are getting longer, but there is no reason to let a lack of daylight stop you putting in the miles. Whether you chose to run early in the morning or later in the evening, there are a few essential items to keep you safe on the streets and trails.

Nathan Sports are a world-leader in innovative, reflective, and multisport gear and accessories. They sent me a fantastic range of kit from their LED light range. The range was developed with the aim of helping athletes to extend their day outside with smart, compact, easily-configurable clip-on and strap-on lighting.

There was no chance of not being seen by motorists in my Light Bender which is a comfortable, lightweight LED armband, offering multi settings for blinking or steady stream light. Paired with the Light Spur securely attached to the heel of my running shoe, and a Strobe Light clipped to my jacket. 

Multiple points of light make you more visible to cars. It is important that drivers can locate you regardless of which direction they are approaching from- so make sure you light up from the front, side and back.

Nathan Sports Fire up your run

The Bronco glove features reflective trims and a small pocket, which can be used for storing keys or for attaching the Strobe Light. It’s also possible to use a smart phone while wearing these gloves thanks to the conductive TruTouch technology. 

Nathan Sports Fire up your run

I thought the Light Spur was a particularly innovative way of lighting up your run. The LED band simply clips around the heel of any running shoe, staying firmly in place and offering multi light settings. This piece of kit was comfortable to wear and the light shone brightly as a pounded the pavements. 

Nathan sports fire up your run

I was impressed by the attention to detail in the Domelight hat. This stretch beanie is lined with brushed fleece for added warmth. A stash pocket inside the hat is large enough to hold keys or coins. The women’s version which I received has a ponytail hole, as well as earbud holders. LED lights at both front and rear provide up to 2400m visibility. 

The lights will provide 2.5 hours use, before needing to by recharged by USB. A perfect alternative to a headtorch for running on those dark streets. 

Nathan sports fire up your run

The Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch served my well on my recent trail run. The wrist strap allows for grip-free carrying in either hand and is perfectly angled to light the path ahead of you. With a built in emergency alarm, and rear facing red LED, this piece of kit serves so many functions for keeping you safe on the streets this winter. 

Nathan sports fire up your run

Nathan also provided me with a Hyperbright Strobe which is a super-versatile clip-on light, I’ve found this perfect for use when cycling in the dim conditions- either clipped to my bike or jacket. The Wristrunner 2 used to hold cash, cards and ID in a reflective folded pocket, and finally the Reflective Locklaces which I’ve put by for next season’s triathlons. 

Nathan Sport sent me these products to review, but all opinions are my own.

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