Tri Training- My Week 1

With two triathlons fast approaching, I thought I would start up a a training log to share my progress towards my next events. My week looked like this: 

10k run with Havering Tri 
I look forward to my Monday evening runs with the club, this week there was around 12 of us out and we split off into smaller groups for a loop around the local streets. We alternated between 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 and 10:00 minute miles, I was struggling a bit in the humidity so the recovery jogs were a welcome relief!

Rest day

21 mile cycle with Havering Tri
I got out on the bike again with the club, and we did a similar route to last weekend with the dreaded Church Hill at the mid-way point. Knowing that I hate descending, my coach sent me first down the super-steep downhill! According to other club members, we picked up speeds of 40mph on the descent, it terrifies me to go at that sort of speed! I am however, getting more confident every time I do hill training on the bike. I love the beautiful countryside route that we take, unfortunately I couldn’t get any photos while I was on the bike! 

800m swim
I had few days off work to start clearing/packing my flat before we move to a new house (hopefully) soon. Before I made a start on clearing my wardrobe, I headed to the pool for a quick 20 minute swim. The pool was fairly empty early in the morning, so I used the lane to alternate between fast and slow front crawl. 

4 mile run
Another day off work where I made some progress on clearing my wardrobes- I have an insane amount of clothing through years in Fashion Design- now that I work in fitness I live in Lycra and most of my wardrobe goes unworn!
I fitted in a 4 mile run in the early evening, I kept the pace fairly easy and really enjoyed this run. 

Swimming lesson with Havering Tri
Bike Maintenance lesson with Havering Tri 
Cycling Lesson with Cycle Training East
For our last session before the summer break, we each donned a pair of flippers for our swimming practice. Flippers help improve kick strength, ankle flexibility, and body position during swim training. We practiced a series of drills using the flippers, and I found that I moved much quicker through the water- my arms almost couldn’t keep up with my legs! They were pretty uncomfortable to wear though, my toes are covered in blisters now! Swimming vertically with my upper body out of the water (like a dolphin!) was a real core workout, my abs are aching today! 

Straight after swimming, a group of us club members headed to our coach’s home for a lesson on bike maintenance. We were shown how to replace an inner tube and then practiced on our own bikes. It was quite fiddly but I successfully managed to change the tube on my rear wheel without too much help. To be honest, I’d rather let someone else do it for me, but it is a good skill to have if I ever get a puncture when I’m out cycling alone. It was also brought to my attention that my tires need replacing as they are worn and actually starting to fray in places- not good! 



Next up was my third lesson of the day- I’d booked cycling training for myself and Glen with Cycle Training East. We were met at a local park by an instructor who talked us through some basic cycling skills including carrying out a simple bike safety check, mounting the bike, starting and stopping safely, looking behind and signalling. At first I struggled to look behind and remove my hand from the handlebars to give a signal without wobbling and swerving the bike! We rode a short loop around the quiet streets as we practiced signalling and manoeuvring, and I soon became more comfortable with controlling the bike. 

Both Glen and I felt it was really beneficial to go back to basics and learn cycling skills, as it helps with confidence around traffic when we are out training on the roads. We are going to book another lesson to practice negotiating roundabouts and traffic lights and make U-turns safely. Our instructor was very patient and helpful, and having a private lesson with just the two of us was great as we could ask questions. 

Rest day
I had another long cycle ride planned for today, but I’ve woken up feeling ill, so Glen has headed out solo while I stay at home to rest. I’m frustrated as I wanted to make the most of the sunny day and put into practice the skills I learned yesterday, but I know I shouldn’t try to train when I feel rough. 

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