We Own the Night Training

This weekend thousands of women will head to Victoria Park in London for Nike’s We Own the Night 10k race.The event is great for first-timers and seasoned runners alike, with an inspiring route filled with light and sound and DJs post-run to help celebrate a new PB!

In the lead up to We Own the Night, Nike have been offering a series of training events to get us race ready. I was lucky enough to get a space on an NTC Hit class held at The Oval Space in Bethnal Green a few weeks ago. 

On arrival at the venue, us ladies were kitted out with a pair of the newly-launched Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic trainers. These shoes were designed with High Intensity workouts in mind- the zero millimetre offset gives the female athlete the most barefoot-like feel of any of the Nike Free range, helping her remain balanced, stable and flexible throughout jumps, squats, pushes and pulls. I’ve never worn barefoot shoes before, so it was interesting to give these trainers a try in the hour-long class.

The event space had been set up with number of stations and equipment including battle ropes, weighted sandbags and medicine balls. The Nike Master Trainers demonstrated the exercise drills while we warmed up and prepared to tone, strengthen and sweat. 

We were divided into groups of four and assigned a starting station, before moving around spending a minute on each exercise. There was minimal rest time between stations and our heart-rates were kept up with shuttle runs, tire flips, skipping, plymetric squat jumps and press-ups. The fast pace and constant switching between equipment and exercises made for a tough workout.

After two laps of the circuit, we finished with an intense blast of body-weight exercises including lunges, high knees, ski-jumps and mountain-climbers. At Nike Training Club classes, there is a forfeit for the whole group if anyone is caught standing still! Tonight was no different and burpees were the punishment of choice!

After smashing our workout, we headed back upstairs to the terrace area to recover with a green smoothie and WheyHey protein icecream. Our Cross Bionic trainers were also had to be returned (unfortunately)!

The event was the perfect way to raise the intensity leading up to race day and meet other girls taking on this weekend’s 10k. The use of equipment made a change from a usual Nike Training Club class. I enjoyed working out in the Cross Bionic trainers- I wouldn’t buy them for running as they do not provide much support- but for circuit classes they are spot-on.

Entries for We Own the Night close midnight today so sign up quick- here.

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