Om Yoga Magazine May

The latest issue of Om Yoga is now available to download or pick up in the shops in the traditional magazine format. As usual the magazine is packed with a variety of articles including recipes, travel and fashion. 

This month, an article on developing your yoga practice at home via DVDs, books and online videos really interested me. Sometimes it is not possible to make it to a studio for a class, either because of time-constraints, travel difficulties, expensive memberships or simply feeling too self-conscious to exercise with others. Starting a home practice can save you time, money and energy, whilst reaping all of the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Creating a satisfying practice requires commitment and organisation, and Om Yoga magazine have some great suggestions on how to get started:

Do your research
There are numerous styles of yoga, as well as a vast array of resources for beginners, so spend some time researching different practices and how they would they would suit the goals you aim to achieve. 

Look the part
A yoga mat is an essential piece of kit for starting an home-practice, it will prevent hands and feet slipping, as well as providing comfort and stability. Expensive, specialist yoga clothing is not necessary, however it is important to feel comfortable and unrestricted whilst practising, so it is worth investing in something suitable to wear.

Get started at home
The internet offers countless options for tutorial videos, alternatively there are yoga guides available in book, magazine or DVD formats. Choose a comfortable space, clear away furniture and remove distractions. 

Progress is a slow process
Expect gradual improvement, not miracles- it can take time to increase flexibility and gain strength, so be patient and allow yourself time. Going beyond what your body can take will not bring faster results.

Manage your time
Starting to practice yoga at home can require some planning and discipline to fit into your schedule initially, but over time you will adjust to your new lifestyle and rolling out your mat will become second nature. 

I personally practice yoga on a rest-day, choosing a 20-30 minute video from You Tube- I particularly like Ekhart Yoga and Do You Yoga

Om Yoga magazine is a perfect starting point for an at-home practice, as every issue features detailed tips on achieving correct yoga poses for beginners, intermediate and advances yogis. You can download a copy of the magazine via the link to the right-hand side.

Do you practice yoga at home? What tips do you have for starting a practice?



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