Launch of The Project: Immersive Fitness

On Wednesday evening, I raced bikes through a glowing cyber city.. 

Picture Credit: Les Mills

Practiced yoga overlooking a blissful sea at sunset surrounded by gliding birds… 

Picture Credit: Les Mills

Danced at a laser rave on a journey through space… 

Picture Credit: Les Mills

Lunged and leaped through the geometric landscape of a distant universe… 

Picture Credit: Les Mills

All without leaving the inside of a black box which had appeared at the foot of Tower Bridge…

Picture Credit: Les Mills

These psychedelic visions were not the result of a drug-induced trip! But the latest concept in studio fitness from Les Mills and Reebok.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of The Project: Immersive Fitness which was held in a pop-up studio in Potter’s Fields Park on the banks of the Thames. 

Inside the studio, we were completely surrounded by giant cinema-style screens on which 3D video content was projected throughout the class. The instructors cued the exercise moves in time with the music and graphics to create a truly unique workout environment. 

It is a little difficult to convey through photos, but it was an incredible experience, and each class really felt like you were being taken on a visual journey. I felt that the concept worked best for the cycling class (aptly named The Trip), it was easy to loose yourself in the moment as we rode a rollercoaster to the top of the tallest skyscrapers then sprinted down into a kaleidoscopic valley avoiding the deadly Kryptonite. It was like being inside a giant pinball machine! 

Les Mills have been creating group workout progammes for 30 years, I’ve long been a fan of their Body Attack, Body Pump and Body Balance classes. The Project is set to totally revolutionize these classes by integrating the latest technology. Both Reebok and Les Mills understand the importance of a varied routine to ensure that consumers are constantly engaged and challenged by their workout. The Project: Immersive Fitness enables and encourages people to embrace the physical, social and mental side of fitness. 

The workouts themselves were as challenging and as intense as I would expect from the Les Mills programme. However the amazing visual effects made it possible to totally absorb yourself in the session- no more clock-watching at the back of the class! I loved how we moved in unison as a group- everyone ducked and jumped together to avoid the 3D graphics leaping out of the screen! 

I feel that these classes are perfect for anyone who wants to inject a bit of fun into their workout schedule. The gym will never be the same again, when you are floating through a galaxy of stars in savasana, or fighting off space invaders in kickboxing class! I loved the versatility of the big screens- in seconds you can be transported from a dance festival to outer space, from an glacier mountain to a serene sandy beach. 

I’m awaiting further details on when/where Immersive Fitness will be available, but I expect it would initially be available in Reebok gyms. 

I’m not sure that this is a concept we will be introducing at Cycle Rhythm, however it is fantastic to see how other innovators in fitness are moving the industry forward and offering new ways to workout. 

Star gazing in Body Balance
Zooming into a tunnel of light in The Trip 
Cycling through the desert to the mountains in The Trip
Cycling into the sunset 
Crushing Space Invaders in Body Combat

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