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On Sunday, I visited the Be:Fit show with my friend Nicola. The women’s fitness, health and nutrition event was formerly known as the Vitality Show and has been re-branded and re-launched at Old Billingsgate on the banks of the River Thames. We have been to the Vitality Show for the past few years and enjoyed the offerings at the show, so we were keen to see the new and improved version.

I was lucky enough to get an offer of two tickets for £20, so we saved some money on the  entry price to the show. As the show has now moved East, it was far easier for us to get to, as the show has previously been held at the Olympia, which is a trek across London for us. 

We arrived at the show and could immediately see it was much smaller than previous years, the amount of exhibitors had been scaled-down and the exhibition hall seemed quite crowded and cramped with stands. We wandered around the show and was able to cover most of it within the hour.

The Be:Fit show offers several fitness class over the 3-day weekend, we had earmarked Rise and Shine yoga, Insanity and Whipped by Equinox on the program. We headed down to the Reebok Fitness Studio 10 minutes before the first class was due to start, but unfortunately the yoga class was full to capacity so we missed out. It was quite frustrating as it was not clear that you had to sign-up for classes in advance, and they seemed to be quite over-subscribed. 

Yoga class we didn’t get in to!

I did make a few purchases at the show: I bought a Panache sports-bra with matching knickers from the Less Bounce stand. I’ve had my eye on this bra, since seeing reviews on Lucy‘s blog. Less Bounce were offering it with £5 off the usual price, so I got measured and picked up the matching knickers.

I also bought three cartons of Everything But The Cow, I’ve been interested in this fruit-based protein drink since seeing it on Lunges and Lycra. The small samples of the smoothie were lovely, so I decided to buy one of each flavour as a refreshing post-run drink.

The Rock On Divas stand had a cookbook on offer which had some lovely ideas for healthy meals, so I bought a copy of Healing Foods, Healthy Foods (signed by the author)!

I must admit I wasn’t impressed by the majority of the show- I didn’t discover any new exciting brands and I wasn’t particularly enticed by any amazing products. I’m already familiar with most of the brands who were exhibiting, so nothing stood out to me as a ‘must-have’. Frustratingly, it seemed like a lot of the exhibitors had completely sold-out of products. Nicola had wanted to buy the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine, but they had already sold every last copy. Glen had asked me to stock up on some chia seeds from the Linwoods stand, but again, every last packet had been sold. The Meridian Foods stand were strangely not even selling their nut-butters, despite having lots of jars on display! 

We each bought a Be:Fit show goody bag, which we were told contained a newspaper, yoga book, yoga DVD, water bottle and chocolate bar. On checking inside the bag, there was no yoga DVD or book- what a con!

I did sample lots of free tasters from my favourite brands like Popchips, Nakd, 9 Bars, Garbanzo, Puslin and Beond, Nairns and Vita Coco. The Lorna Jane stand was fab, I could have bought everything, but managed to restrain myself as I want to save money for shopping in New York next week! 

The Reebok stand were running a fitness test, where you were challenged to complete as many burpees, sit-ups or press-ups as possible in 30 seconds. I managed 10 burpees, I would have completed more but my leggings were falling down! I was quite impressed with my score until I checked the leader-board later and noticed someone had managed 21 burpees in the 30 seconds- wow! I did receive a free drawstring bag for my efforts! 

Myself and Nicola had booked into Nuffield mini health MOT, but as it was not until later in the afternoon, we decided to cancel and head home. There was not really enough on at the show to keep us busy for another 3 hours while we waited for the health-check. 

I wouldn’t rush back to the Be:Fit show next year, as personally I feel it is lacking in exciting exhibitors. In previous years at the Vitality Show, there were cooking demonstrations and tons of freebies- we left laden down with goody bags! It is a shame as we were expecting something a bit better from the re-branded show. 

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