Weekly Re-Cap 20

Monday- Run with Triathlon Club- 5.18 miles

Tuesday- Rest and physio exercises

Wednesday- Run with Lululemon Run Club- 3.10 miles

Thursday- 45 mins strength work (weighted squats, deadlifts, lunges, core work) plus physio exercises
45 min Spinning class 

Friday- 90 min Bikram Yoga class

Saturday- 50 min swimming lesson
3.11 mile run

Sunday- Rest 

Another busy week- Monday’s run with Havering Tri was only 5.18 miles, so a bit of an easier start to the week!

I rushed to Islington after work on Wednesday, to find that the Lululemon running group had already left the studio on their run. I could just see them in the distance along the road, so dropped my bag at the studio and sprinted after them! I managed to catch up with them after about 5 minutes and joined them for a speedy run up to the Emirates Stadium with sprints up and down the stairs!

I tried a different spinning class on Thursday at the gym local to my office, I had some time to kill before the class started to worked out with weights doing mostly lower-body work.

My swimming classes are now on Saturday mornings and I’ve moved up to a more advanced group. I swam around 750m (I always loose count of my lengths)! The other people in my group were practicing swimming in their wetsuits for the first time, so it was interesting to see how they were getting on. After swimming I went for a quick 5k run, just to see how it felt to run directly after a swim- I don’t think I fueled up enough as my stomach was rumbling throughout the run!

This week has been quite low on running mileage, but my next half-marathon is not until the end of May, so I have a while to build up my miles again. It’s been nice to focus on swimming, spinning, yoga and weights again. 

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