Trisuit and Aquathlon

So I mentioned that I recently joined up to a local Triathlon club- Havering Tri. I run with them on Mondays, swim with them on Saturdays, and I’ll join them for cycling (once I get a bike!)

Next weekend, Havering Tri are teaming up with another local Triathlon club to host an Aquathlon. I’ve decided to take part, as the distances are achievable and the swim is in an indoor pool, so it seems like a good way to ease my way into multi-discipline events. I’m going to go for the 400m swim and 4800m run.

The transition at events like this still totally confuses me. I had envisioned leisurely getting out of the pool after my swim, toweling off and changing into my usual running kit… maybe drying my hair a bit and strolling outside for the run. Turns out this is not the case- I need to be quick in transition! I spoke to members at the Triathlon club and they suggested I run in my swimming costume, just quickly slipping on some shorts, throwing on my trainers and removing my goggles/hat in transition.

I was cool with this idea until I realised that running in a swimming costume means running without a sports bra- therefore no support and this could be uncomfortable! It seems that the answer is to invest in a trisuit, with built in sports bra. I had no clue what a trisuit actually is, so after asking lots of questions at club on Monday I went online to search for a beginners suit.

A trisuit is an all-in-one designed to be worn for all three triathlon disciplines. It is quick-drying, lightweight and sleeveless to minimize kit changes in transition. I found the following option on Wiggle, which seemed reasonably priced (and I liked the pink panels)!  

However, the crotch area kind of had me alarmed! I didn’t realise that trisuits have a padded crotch (to provide comfort for the cycle) and the padded area on this suit looks particularly prominent! After reassurance from club members, that this is indeed normal, I went ahead and ordered. I was a little embarrassed to ask “is it normal to have a padded crotch on a trisuit?” but it had to be done! 

So yesterday I became the proud owner of my first trisuit. It is tight-fitting and a little uncomfortable at the neckline, but I plan to try a run in it this evening (with running kit over the top) to see how it feels. The padded area is not as bulky as I expected, but I am still ‘aware’ of it being there! The built-in bra does not seem particularly supportive to be honest, so I’m considering wearing my regular sports bra under the suit. 

I also invested in a matching swiming cap which claims to be suitable for long hair (I have a nightmare fitting my long/thick hair into my current cap).

Looking forward to trying out my new kit at the Aquathlon next weekend! 

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