Skincare Consultation with Caroline Hirons

Something a little different from my usual fitness related posts today…

I must admit I have a bit of a skincare obsession, I’m constantly looking to achieve perfect, glowing healthy skin. My skin is not terrible, but I do suffer with break-outs, thread veins and the occasional dry patch. 

I’ve been following Caroline Hirons’s blog for a while- this lady really knows her stuff when it comes to skincare, thanks to 17 years experience in the beauty industry. Whenever Caroline gives her seal of approval to a product, it goes straight on my wish-list and I’ve given my skincare routine a complete overhaul since discovering her blog. When I heard that Caroline was offering skincare consultations, I jumped at the chance to meet with her for more in-depth advice on my skin concerns.

My appointment with Caroline was about 5 week ago, in her Notting Hill based office. The consultation was amazingly informative, I took so many notes and had so many questions at the end of the session! Caroline confirmed that my skin is generally very good and I have the right routine in place, but the products I use are not the best for my skin type.

I had assumed my skin type was combination/oily, but it turns out the products I was using were too harsh and I was inadvertently drying out my skin causing it to replenish itself and produce more oil. Caroline explained that my skin is more on the sensitive and easily inflamed side of the spectrum- I’m fair skinned (Irish background), sunburn easily, bruise easily and I’m prone to red/flushed cheeks and hayfever. 

It also came to light that the spots I suffer from are linked to my digestive problems, ie: irritable bowel syndrome. Caroline believes that something in my diet is triggering my breakouts and bloating and I may have a slight food intolerance. I generally eat a healthy diet with very little sugar, alcohol, processed food or dairy, so it is difficult to pinpoint the cause, but Caroline suggested it could be wheat or citrus fruits. She also recommended me a probiotic supplements and Omega-3 fish oil capsules to supplement by diet and improve my skin. Another of Caroline’s recommendations was juicing- I plan to invest in a juicer and start whizzing up vegetable juices daily to help with my digestion.

The products which Caroline recommended were more suited to my sensitive skin with an emphasis on calming, hydrating formulas. Many of the products are from REN, whose products are free from synthetic fragrances and colours, silicones, sulfates, parabens or animal ingredients. I’m already a huge fan of REN, so was happy to stock up on more from their range. The products I use are all reasonably prices- I believe in investing money in your skincare, without breaking the bank! 

A selection of my products

One stage of my skin routine which was missing was the hydrating toner phase. I’ve added in the Neal’s Yard Rehydrating Rose Toner which balances, refreshes and rehydrates the skin ready for moisturiser. Another new product which I am loving, is REN’s Omega 3 Optimum Skincare Serum Oil- this feels lovely to apply and improves moisture levels.

The thread veins around my nose are something which really bother me, apparently they are hereditary (thanks Mum)! I’ve been thinking about having them removed for a while, but was not sure how to go about it. Caroline referred me to a clinic in Harley Street which specialises in the removal of thread veins, so I will be making an appointment for a consultation as soon as finances allow!

Already I’ve noticed my skin has improved since changing my products, and introducing the probiotics and fish oil capsules. I’ve been getting far less spots and my skin feels calmer and smoother. The products I use feel lovely to apply and I think myself looking forward to my evening routine!


Caroline’s appointments are now booked up until June, but there is plenty of information/advice on her blog– the cheat sheets are particularly good!

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