Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp

For their latest fitness campaign, Sweaty Betty have teamed up with Sleek Technique to bring a body-sculpting Ballet Bootcamp class to their customers. Designed by ex-professional dancers Flik Swan and Victoria Marr, the class offers a total body fitness method based on ballet techniques to hone, tone and strengthen the body.

This morning, I went along to a class at the Bluewater boutique, to hopefully discover my inner ballerina! Thankfully, the class was less ‘dancey’ than I had anticipated, as I did worry about keeping up with the choreography!
We started with a quick warm-up where the instructor introduced the basic movements and ballet positions, and we pulsed our way through a series of isometric pliés before moving on to the arm section. The sequence of moves in the arm section was a little challenging to keep up with, particularly the arabesques!
Next up was the cardio section of the class with fast-paced walking planks, pikes, leaps and a movement called a balancé (not Beyoncé as I thought the instructor said)! 
We unrolled our yoga mats, for a section of pilates-style strengthening movements including rond de jambes (leg circles) and side-planks, and finally we finished the class with deep stretch.
I found that the 45 minute class flew past and I did work up a sweat! I felt longer and leaner already after this class, as the movements were focused on correcting posture and lengthening the spine. 
Ballet Bootcamp classes are running throughout February in Sweaty Betty stores, plus you can take part in an online class. 

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