Weekly Re-Cap 10

Monday- 9.5km run

New Year’s Eve- 10km run

New Year’s Day- Rest

Thursday- 8km run

Friday- 90 minute Bikram Yoga class

Saturday- Yoga Practice for Runners and Yoga for Runners

Sunday- 17km run 

A better week of training after finally shifting the cold I had over Christmas!

I did a couple of runs while we were away in Rye over New Year- they were a real struggle because of the gale force winds and wet weather. I ran part of the 1066 county route which took me past Camber Castle, which was slightly creepy as there was no one around for miles. I stopped to take a few photos whilst getting battered by the wind… 

I’ve been doing some yoga videos from You Tube specifically for runners, which have been great for stretching out my hamstrings, quads and IT bands. 

My long-run today was 17km (10.56 miles) which is my longest run so far- only 2.5 miles to go and I’m at half-marathon distance! I ran a local route today, as I’m out of inspiration for places to visit on a run- I’ve pretty much covered every river, canal, country park and trail in Essex and East London now! Any ideas for nice scenic routes?

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