Quitting Diet Coke

I’ve always been a bit fussy when it comes to drinks- I’ve never got into drinking tea or coffee, I’m not a fan of most alcoholic drinks and I can’t stand the sweetness of fruit juices. Diet Coke however, has developed into a bit of an addiction for me, I’ve guzzled the fizzy stuff down for years drinking up to 4 litres a day at one point. I knew it had got a bit out of control when I’d crack open a bottle first thing in the morning and couldn’t go a day without it.
It’s an expensive habit, not to mention really bad for my health. I’ve heard all the horror stories about the effects that Diet Coke has on the body, plus the truth about what aspartame is actually made from (gag). I generally eat a very healthy diet, so it makes no sense to be putting this chemical rubbish in my body- it does no favours for my skin, my stomach and my fitness/training.
Sure, Diet Coke is fine in moderation, but I’ve never been able to drink this stuff in moderation- it is safe to say I am addicted! I’ve quit cold turkey twice before- first time I lasted from November 2012 to March 2013 then a second attempt from August 2013 to October 2013. This Monday marked my third and final attempt of quitting Diet Coke, I want to give up this time for good, not just as a new years resolution, but something I need to do for my health in the long-term.
The withdrawal has been pretty intense, I had cracking headaches on Monday and Tuesday, I was totally lethargic and drained all week and mad cravings for the fizz and taste. I’m on day 6 and feeling better today, my skin looks better already, my stomach is much less bloated and of course I’ve saved a bit of cash! I’ve been drinking water by the gallon, with the occasional herbal tea (still can’t stand these though)! I miss the taste, but I’m trying to focus on the bigger picture and how much better I feel in my body without the caffeine and fizz. 

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