Weekly Re-Cap 9

Monday- Yoga Practice for Runners

Yoga for Runners

Christmas Eve- rest (ill)

Christmas Day- rest (ill)

Boxing Day- rest (ill)

Friday- rest (ill)

Saturday- 5km run

So not much training this week! I got the dreaded winter lurgy and spent all week feeling rough with a chesty cold. It has been a very frustrating week as I intended to get in some good runs over the Christmas break and finish my 80 mile month, however my body had other plans. I rested all week in the hope of feeling better for New Year, I find it so difficult to rest- I just want to get out and run, especially with all the new running kit I got for Christmas!

I did manage a 5km run on Saturday morning which was a struggle after 6 days off. I also did some yoga videos from You Tube which I’ve not tried before, I really enjoyed these.

Today I’m starting to feel better so I’m planning a run through the East Sussex countryside tomorrow (I’m staying in Rye for New Year) so hopefully back on track with my running next week! 

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