Weekly Re-Cap 6

Monday- Track Running Session (5.7km) plus core exercises

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday- 5 mile run 

Friday- 3 mile run

Saturday- 90 minute Bikram Yoga class

Sunday- 9.32 mile (15km) run plus 15 min NTC running stretches

A good week in training for me- fitted in 4 runs, plus yoga and swimming. 

At Monday’s track session, we did mile repeats with a 400m recovery jog in between each mile. I found this easier to follow than last week’s session, however I don’t think I am pushing myself hard enough on the sprints- I tend to stick to my usual pace. I’m determined to push my pace at tomorrow’s sessions! 

At Wednesday’s swimming lesson, I learnt to dive for the first time! I have a bit of a fear of diving into the pool, I’m convinced that I will belly-flop or hit my head! When the instructor announced that a group of us would be diving, I immediately decided “no way, I can’t do that”! I let the more confident divers go ahead and the instructor took me aside to find out why I am so scared- I think it goes back to an incident on a childhood holiday when my brother got out of his depth in the hotel pool. The instructor explained that I would attempt a seated dive and talked me through what I would need to do- I was terrified even diving from such a low height- but I managed it semi-gracefully! I’m sure in the New Year, I will be encouraged to go for a full-dive, but for now I am happy with my seated-dive!

Today’s long-run started at Victoria Park in East London where I bumped in 2000 Santa’s lining up for the Santa Dash! I headed along the Regent’s Canal away from the park towards Limehouse Basin then up the Limehouse Cut and River Lea past the Olympic Stadium, before turning back onto the Hertford Union Canal and into the park. It was a lovely route- I do enjoy my canal runs! When I got home, I stretched out with a 15 minute Nike Training Club session- I hadn’t realised how tight my hip flexors were- I definitely needed the stretch!

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