Weekly Re-Cap 4

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 4 mile run

Wednesday- 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday- 4 mile run

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 90 minute Bikram Yoga class

Sunday- 10km race at the Running Show

Today was spent at The Running Show where I got a new PB on the 10km race. I’ll write up a review of the show and race shortly, I had a fab day and did lots of shopping!

I fitted in two 4 mile runs in the week, but I am finding it difficult running in the pitch black dark, so a high-vis jacket was definitely on the shopping list at the show today!

Saturday, I went back to Bikram Yoga, my first class in about a month. My favourite instructor was teaching and I had forgotten how great I feel after a Bikram session! I’ll make it a regular class again, now that my new job is so near to the studio.

Plans for the coming week include track training- I want to include some speed work in my training, so looked into local track sessions and found that East London Runners offer this on Monday evenings not far from my office. 

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