Weekly Re-Cap 3

Wow busy week… I started my new job on Monday so it was a little tricky fitting training in around being back in full-time work, but I managed to exercise most days this week.

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Hula Hooping event

Wednesday- 45 minute swimming lesson

Thursday- 4 mile run

Friday- 40 minute strength training session

Saturday- 14km (8.7 mile) run

Sunday- 60 minute Zumba Toning class

I found a gym right near to my new office, so popped in to check it out on Friday evening after work. I warmed up on the cross-trainer then did a circuit using the free-weights, including chest-press, kettlebell swings, russian twists, lunges, and lat pull-downs. It’s been a while since I used weights, so I’ve been really feeling it this weekend! The gym has a pay-as-you-go option and offers a few yoga, boxing and spinning classes, so definitely somewhere I will be frequenting as it is so near to work.

On Saturday morning, myself and Glen headed to another new location for our long run. We decided to try Lee Valley Country Park, and planned a route along the River Lee. Lee Valley stretches from Waltham Abbey in Essex to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, and offers miles of traffic-free trails in beautiful scenic landscape. We ran along the river navigation path which was quiet and peaceful early on a Saturday morning. Glen covered 13.1 miles, whilst I did 8.7 miles (14km), we set off together then met back at the car, as Glen is much speedier than me! I loved this location and really enjoyed the picturesque sights along the river, the weather was sunny and chilly- perfect for a run. I spotted a bike hire shop along the river, so I’d like to return back for a cycle in Lee Valley maybe next year.

Half-marathon training is going well so far, there are 14 weeks until race day so I’m building up my distances slowly and fitting in strength training, swimming and yoga as much as possible. Trying new routes for our weekend run really helps to keep running exciting and I’m loving exploring new locations. 

River Lee

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