Track Session and Running eBook

Last night I went along to a track session with the East London RunnersI’ve not been to a track session since the summer when I attended two of the Sweaty Speed Sessions, and managed to injure myself both times! However, I wanted to get back to track running as I know that intervals can really help to improve speed and stamina for any race distance. I also like running on a track as they are safe, well-lit and the surface cushions your joints.
There were several newbies at the track last night, and the regular members of the club were friendly and welcoming. We started with a warm-up, then went onto the interval training sticking to the inside lane of the track.  
I must admit I ‘lost track’ of what I was doing! I think we were doing an 800m run, then a 200m recovery, followed by a 400m sprint, which we were to repeat 4 times. However once we started I seemed to forget which interval I was on, and ended up running at the same pace throughout the session with no sprints or recovery jogs! I tend to zone out a bit when I’m running and I found the interval training a bit confusing as it took more thought then my usual steady-pace runs, but I’m sure I’ll get the knack of it once I start attending regular sessions! 
I covered about 4 miles in total, and we finished with some core work. 

Yesterday I found out I won a copy of Julie Creffield’s (aka Fatty Must Run) new eBook. Julie organises a monthly 5k running event aimed at overweight runners- she aims to get one million overweight people all over the world participating in a single running event on one given day. The Big Fat Run has been taking place on the last Sunday of every month since August, and is gradually growing in numbers, with people of all sizes and shapes getting out and walking, jogging or running 5k. The event is organised via Facebook, and participants report back with their finishing time and a photo. I’ve taken part in the event since it began 4 months ago, as I think it is a fantastic idea to inspire overweight people to get into running. Having lost over 5 stone myself, I know how intimidating it can be to start a fitness programme feeling self-conscious about your size and weight. The Big Fat Run Facebook focuses on supporting the participants, no matter how long it takes to complete the 5 kilometres. 
Julie has recently published an eBook full of advice on building up to a 10k including nutrition, maintaining motivation and a straight-forward training plan. As I’ve completed the August, September, October and November Big Fat Runs- Julie sent me a complimentary copy of the book. I’m already running more than 10k, but I’m keen to get into the book as I can always use more tips on my training. You can sign up for the December Big Fat Run on Facebook

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