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On Tuesday evening, I went along to Shoreditch Town Hall to try out Fitness Freak‘s latest pop-up event- Hula Hooping with the Queen of Hula- Marawa the Amazing
I’m always up for trying new forms of exercise, and I’ve given hula-hooping a go before, at the Fitness Fiesta a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so when Fitness Freak announced this event, I was quick to sign up!

I arrived slightly late so took the only free space- at the front of the class- so there was nowhere to hide my lack of hooping skills! We started with learning how to spin one hoop around our waists, Marawa made it look so easy, but I was absolutely hopeless at keeping the hoop going! I think most of my workout came from constantly bending to pick up the hoop from the floor, or chasing it across the hall! 

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The key to hula-hooping, Marawa explained is to keep the arms level with the chest, look straight ahead (not down at the hoop) and push your stomach muscles out with each rotation of the hoop. Marawa’s troupe (The Majorettes) were on hand to help with the technique. 

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Marawa moved on to teaching us tricks like squatting, shuffling from side to side, and balancing on one leg all while keeping the hoop spinning. We then took two smaller, lighter hoops which we span around our wrists, and then overhead. Next up, we attempted to spin the larger hoop around our waist whilst simultaneously spinning the smaller hoop above our head. I gave it a few tries but I couldn’t seem to master keeping both hoops going at the same time. Finally, we had a go at spinning multiple hoops, Marawa can hoop 133 hoops at one time, but I couldn’t even manage 4! 

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The event ended with coconut water supplied by Vita Coco, and Wheyhey icecream. Marawa’s majorettes were also selling T-shirts and hoops to practice at home. I really enjoyed the evening, despite not being able to master basic hooping- I’m sure with more practice I could improve! It’s always fun to try out new classes and I thought Shoreditch Town Hall was a great venue for an event like this. 

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