FitFlop Testing

This week, thanks to Danielle at Keep it Simpelle  I had the opportunity to become involved in testing the footwear technology in FitFlop footwear. 
I’ve never worn a pair of FitFlops myself, but I had heard lots of great things about how comfortable they are to wear when you are on your feet all day. FitFlops feature ‘microwobbleboard’ midsoles which can help diffuse underfoot pressure and absorb shock. Their ‘microwobbleboard’ technology was inspired by the equipment used by physical therapists to support rehabilitation and post-injury muscle strengthening. The technology means that stress in the joints is reduced and you are able to walk faster due to the mid-density toe-cap. 
FitFlop have to thoroughly test each new style of shoe, in order to support their claims that the shoes do indeed reduce pressure on the joints. I contacted the biomechanists at London Southbank University to put myself forward as a test subject and was invited to the lab for two sessions of treadmill walking.
On arrival, I was weighed and measured, then had wires attached to my feet, legs and knees (lucky I remembered to wear shorts). The initial test walk was done wearing a standard pair of sandals as a point of comparison, and as I walked I saw spiked lines appearing on the computer screen indicating the pressure going through my body. The 40 minutes on the treadmill flew past, and test was soon over with the necessary data being collected. I returned the next day to repeat the procedure, this time in a pair of FitFlops. The FitFlops were much more comfortable to walk in, and I actually was able to walk at a slightly quicker pace than the previous day.
I must admit that the shoes I tested were not the most attractive style, but FitFlop do offer a whole range including boots, trainers, clogs and ballerinas. 

Wired-up and ready to walk!

FitFlop have kindly given me a £40 voucher in return for my time, so I’m checking out styles on the website to get myself a pair for those days when I’m on my feet constantly. I really enjoyed the experience and found it interesting how much testing actually goes into developing the shoes. LSBU are looking for more participants, so leave me a comment if you are interested. 

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